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What's in my bag
  • What's in my bag

  • Even though I love pink flowers and very often you'll see me wearing them in my hair, my bag is not a rose garden, though us photographers might look at it that way 🙂 I use 2 Canon 5D Mark III cameras and prime L lenses together with Fuji xt1 kit with prime lenses. I prefere primes over zooms first because I like to know where I stand, second because I think there is something so magical about how they work.
What to expect
  • What to expect

  • I am quiet but very friendly, I smile a lot and I know what you’re going through since I am married myself, so basically I doubt you will feel odd next to me as your photographer, though I might tell you to “strike a pose” if the moment calls for it 😉 I love my job, and I feel incredibly privileged to be able to photograph somebody`s wedding day, so I sort of give my 110% each time to create perfect memories to last for a lifetime. I very often think about “my couples” showing their grand children their wedding photos and reliving the day each time they look at them <3

My Approach
  • My Approach

  • I walk around a lot, catching moments and beautiful light, I almost never bother anyone to pose formally maybe only to do something really fun, but I mostly prefer people to act as natural as possible and to capture the emotion, this is why I very often sneak on “them”. What you can expect from me is an honest and emotional approach to your wedding day, I even might cry cause sometimes it just gets to me. I love that fashion-looking feeling in my photos so I would say I work as if it’s a magazine editorial rather than somebody`s family album, this especially goes for my editing style.