AboutWhy I became a wedding photographer

To put it simply,<br />photography gives me goosebumps!
  • To put it simply,
    photography gives me goosebumps!

  • Every photo session has a certain feeling to it, I wish to convey this feeling through my captures. I love catching light as much as I love the natural unposed moments, so I combine these two to tell a story. I nourish creative documentary style and I want my images to stand as timeless reminder of precious moments, for years to come.
Wife, mother, gardener...
  • Wife, mother, gardener...

  • I am pretty much a regular family person, in love with my husband and completely devoted to being an awesome mom to my two boys. I enjoy cooking and gardening, love my dogs and my cat. I especially love the sound of a violin because my mom is a violinist. Most important thing about me is that I’m a Christian, I put my faith in God before everything, and I thank Him every day for all the blessings in my life, including my amazing job.
Let's connect...
  • Let's connect...

  • On a wedding day, I am not just someone who clicks the shutter on an auto-pilot, I am fully present and engaged with who you are, and my goal is to capture real-life moments of your wedding, smoothly and honestly. If you feel like we might 'click' and you would like to have me as your wedding photographer in Dubrovnik, or anywhere else in the world, drop me a word and lets nail this wedding of yours together!
  • What's in my bag

  • I use Canon 5D Mark IV cameras and prime L lenses together with Canon speed lights and leds. I prefer prime lenses over zooms because I like to know where I stand and because I think there is something so magical about how they work. I use flashes when needed, but I mostly love using the existing light.
  • What to expect

  • I am quiet but very friendly, I smile a lot and I know what you’re going through since I am married myself, so basically I doubt you will feel odd next to me as your photographer, though I might tell you to “strike a pose” every once in a while. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to photograph somebody`s wedding day, so I sort of give my 110% each time to create perfect memories to last for a lifetime.
  • My Approach

  • I walk around a lot, catching unposed moments and beautiful light, I almost never bother anyone to do anything formal, maybe only something really fun, but I mostly prefer people to act as natural as possible and to capture the genuine emotion. When editing I love to end up with cool looking photos, I love B&W's, also lots of contrast, interesting colours and symmetry.