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What's in my bag
  • What's in my bag

  • I use Canon 5D Mark III and Mark IV cameras and prime L lenses together with couple of Canon speed lights and leds. I prefer prime lenses over zooms because I like to know where I stand and because I think there is something so magical about how they work. Even though I use flashes when needed, I mostly love using the existing light. I also carry with me an analogue Canon camera and I shot film when the moment calls for it.
What to expect
  • What to expect

  • I am quiet but very friendly, I smile a lot and I know what you’re going through since I am married myself, so basically I doubt you will feel odd next to me as your photographer, though I might tell you to “strike a pose” every once in a while. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to photograph somebody`s wedding day, so I sort of give my 110% each time to create perfect memories to last for a lifetime.

My Approach
  • My Approach

  • I walk around a lot, catching unposed moments and beautiful light, I almost never bother anyone to do anything formal, maybe only something really fun, but I mostly prefer people to act as natural as possible and to capture the genuine emotion. When editing I love to end up with crispy and elegant looking photos that reflect my vision of good (and cool) photography.